San Diego Harmony Ringers owns the following equipment:

showbellsFive octaves of Schulmerich Handbells (purchased in the spring of 2010).

Consists of 61 bronze handbells ranging from C3 to C8.  These bells were shipped in the new "Ring 'N' Roll" cases which have built-in wheels and telescoping handles.  They make transportation a great deal easier!

These bells have a very rich sound, and can be rung in an astounding number of different ways to produce a variety of sound effects.  These include echoes, plucking, malleting, martellato, and the new 'singing bell' technique.  Audience members often describe hearing woodwinds or string instruments, and are surpised to learn that we have produced these sounds from bronze handbells!

Five octaves of Malmark Choirchimes.

Consists of 61 Choirchimes ranging from C2 to C7.  The very largest chimes in the C2 range are so large that they must be placed in our special chime rack and rung with large mallets.  The largest chime (C2) is rung with a distinctive lambswool mallet called the "big bird" or the "lamb lollipop."

You can see these aluminum instruments being rung in various pieces.  They are very lightweight and have a distinctively pleasant "door chime" sound, somewhat akin to the sound of a marimba.  The majority of them come equipped with a build-in clapper on the top side, but the largest chimes - which can be seen on our custom-made chime stand - must be rung with our large mallets. We also use a battery of non-tuned percussion including sleigh bells, bar chimes, triangle, slap stick, finger cymbals, rain stick, cajon, and thunder tube.